Prescott Area Gardens Watering Tips

Prescott Area Gardens Watering Tips offer ideas for your most efficient use of water in our gardens and landscapes.  Without going deeply into the WHY of each of these recommendations, we will suggest ways to maximize the benefit of our most precious resource.

  1.  Water slowly.  Water weighs 8 pounds per gallon, so filling large basins with many gallons at a time compacts the soil.  This diminishes the air pockets vital to root and microbe growth.
  2. Use drip irrigation.  Typically water soaks slowly into our soils, requiring repeated small applications of water whenever watering by hand in order for the water to penetrate into the plant’s root zone.  You may think you have watered sufficiently only to discover that moisture has not gone more than 1/2″ deep!  Drip irrigation bypasses this challenge and allow you to know how much you are watering by the number and gallons per minute of emitters.
  3. Water deeply and less frequently to create and improve drought tolerance. Prescott Area Gardens Watering Tips In doing so, you encourage the roots to grow deep and wide in search of water.  Frequent watering encourages the roots to stay near the surface waiting for their next dose of moisture.  This practice actually makes plants thirstier!
  4. Water at the drip line of trees and large shrubs.  As woody plants mature, the fine root hairs that efficiently absorb water are found further and further from the trunk.  It is necessary to move drip emitters away from the trunk to the drip line, the area bordering the leaf canopy.  Also, additional emitters must be added to accommodate the increase in root mass.
  5. Give supplemental water during our dry spring and fall seasons to your favorite native plants and trees not served by irrigation.  The use of a soaker hose along the drip line of larger trees will provide the needed water to minimize seasonal drought stress.

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