Meet your Garden Gals team:  Lesley Alward and Mary Ann Mira.

garden gals team member Lesley AlwardLesley Alward is a landscape designer, past landscape contractor in Prescott AZ and the California Bay Area, and Master Gardener Emeritus here in Yavapai County. As a youngster she remembers being captivated by the vision of her mom tending her roses and fuchsias in their southern California garden.  That vision stuck with her and to this day her favorite place is outside.  Outside she is, whether in her perennial habitat garden, her native garden, her vegetable and herb garden, or sitting on her deck or patio watching the butterflies, insects, birds and hummingbirds frolic through the landscape.

While Lesley has worn many professional hats, one constant has been her love of gardening and her joy in sharing her knowledge about gardens!   She has assisted in designing schoolyard habitat gardens for the Highlands Center for Natural History as well as the garden in front of the log cabin in Prescott’s Community Nature Center, and has been a source of science-based, expert advice to friends, family and acquaintances since moving to Prescott in 2003. Having just retired from a successful and fast-paced job as a Realtor, Lesley is thrilled to return to her roots, to the soil, to the creative and artistic side of life in landscape design and consultation.

Garden Gals Team member Mary Ann Mira

Mary Ann Mira is a retired elementary school teacher who relocated from Indiana to the Prescott, AZ area in 2006.  She gained a love of gardening from her grandmother, who taught her how to create beautiful gardens and grow fruits and vegetables.  After completing her Master’s Degree at Purdue University, Mary Ann taught Kindergartners through Sixth graders for 37 years!  A love for teaching indoors as well as outdoors led her to design a schoolyard garden for her students in Indiana, where you could pretty much put a plant in the rich soil and it would grow!

Learning how to garden in the highlands of Arizona was a challenge which prompted Mary Ann to join the Alta Vista Garden Club to learn from others.  Her desire to continue nurturing children outdoors in nature led her to the Highlands Center for Natural History where she became a docent for the children’s educational program and coordinated the Schoolyard Habitat Garden Program for several years at area elementary schools.  Mary Ann has also worked at The Native Garden, a Prescott garden center, for several years, guiding buyers to choose the native plants and heirloom vegetables that fit their gardening needs.  She enjoys gardening at her home in Prescott Valley where she grows natives, perennials, and annual plants and raised bed vegetables.  Gardening is a life-long passion of Mary Ann’s!

The AZ Garden Gals Team of Lesley and Mary Ann love working with people and find purpose in sharing their knowledge and serving others.

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