Lesley had her own landscape design installation business, Lesley Alward Landscaping, in the California Bay Area during the 1990s and early 2000s. She designed and built many residential gardens and also installed gardens designed by her twin brother, Steven Alward, who earned a Masters of Landscape Architecture from UC Berkeley.  His designs emphasized accessibility expressed as beautiful custom garden spaces for individuals with mobility concerns.

Lesley Alward assisted in installation of hardscape and softscape
Steven Alward designed the Integrated Garden in consultation with Mary Lou Breslin (both shown) for the 1990 San Francisco Landscape Garden Show. Lesley Alward, and all of Alward family (brother Dave, dad Pete, mom Pat) were builders and installers.
Lesley Alward installed garden plantings
Mary Lou’s accessible garden in Berkeley, CA, with softscape installed by Lesley Alward
Mary Lou’s rose and orchid garden installed by Lesley Alward
Lesley Alward Landscaping accessible garden installation
Lesley installing pathway for Kitty’s accessible garden in Albany, CA
Lesley Alward Landscaping installation
Dry set brick pathway completed


Lesley Alward landscape garden design installation
Jenny’s accessible garden designed by Steven Alward with softscape installed by Lesley Alward Landscaping and hardscape by Alward Construction, Berkeley CA.