The AZ Garden Gals are your Prescott area go to gals for helping you beautify your current residential landscape or designing new landscapes and garden areas. This includes both “hardscape”, the non-living structures of a garden, as well as “softscape”, the plant materials to be used.  Not only do we design, we give science-based, expert gardening advice.  We consult with you on everything from native habitat gardens to flower gardens, vegetableAZ Garden Gals design vegetable gardens gardens, herb gardens, raised bed and container gardens, patio spaces and sustainable gardening practices. We will help you shop for your plants, suggest quality vendors, and point you to qualified installers and maintenance professionals.  Our mission is to get you outside to enjoy your garden and patio with the least stress and the most joy possible.

Landscape and gardening is not rocket science, yet there is a large body of knowledge and many challenges here in the Prescott area.  From elevation to topography to weather to water to soils, there are a gazillion things to consider to make your garden grow and to make your outdoor spaces welcoming.

perennial and habitat gardens by AZ Garden GalsLesley Alward and Mary Ann Mira have joined forces as the AZ Garden Gals.  Our singular purpose is to make your garden and your gardening experience a joyful and informed one. We love to share our knowledge as well as our creativity.   As partners in your landscape and garden experience, we collaborate with you to determine what you want from your exterior spaces and how we can best help you to accomplish your goals.   And, of course, we consider your budget and time frame within the constraints of our four seasons.

The AZ Garden Gals inform, educate and advise so that your garden and gardening experience is a delight!  Our only question to you is, “How may we help you?”  Contact us to find out how we can serve you.