Landscape and Garden Design as Collaboration

Landscape and Garden Design as Collaboration with the AZ Garden Gals! There are many ways you as homeowner can help us to help you!  Consider the following aspects about each exterior space around your home so you are best able to take advantage of our knowledge and expertise.


Determining the purpose of each space will enable us to work with you to satisfy that purpose and design an appropriate garden or patio space.


Consider what plants, animals, and other organisms, as well as weather, topography and water, combine to form the life around you.  Specifics to consider about your ecosystem include:

  • SUNLIGHT AND WIND:  Our high country elevation offers 4 mild seasons.  There are seasonal changes in sun positions in the daytime sky, impacting the amount of sunlight and shade received.  There are also periods of prevailing winds here in the greater Prescott area, with the spring bringing the most consistent directional wind patterns.
  • WATER:  The availability, quality and quantity of water influences the growth and survival of your landscape plants. Will you be watering via an irrigation system, manually, or via rain water harvesting techniques?  A plan is necessary to provide water to existing and new plantings during our typically dry spring and fall seasons and to augment nature’s rain and snow during the winter and summer.
  • TOPOGRAPHY:  Topography is the arrangement of the natural and artificial or man-made physical features of an area.  Altitude, slope of a property, direction of slope, and type of native vegetation influences the soil and plant selection.
  • HABITAT WILDLIFE:  Who do you wish to invite into your garden and who Habitat garden, butterflies in gardendo you wish to keep out?  Attracting butterflies, birds and pollinators may be beneficial while mammals may be less welcome.

To get the most out of our partnership,  consider these various aspects.  We will go into greater detail about each aspect in future blogs. Think of Landscape and Garden Design as Collaboration with the AZ Garden Gals.

AZ Garden Gals Design and Advise about Gardens

AZ Garden Gals design and advise about Gardens so your garden grows and welcomes you outside!

“If you wish to make anything grow, you must understand it, and understand it in a very real sense. “Green fingers” are a fact, and a mystery only to the unpracticed.   But green fingers are the extensions of a verdant heart.”  Russell Page

AZ Garden Gals design and advise about Gardens
Habitat Gardens attract butterflies

The AZ Garden Gals understand it and are well practiced!  We love to share our understanding of how growing things (“softscape”) can be put into an entirely delightful arrangement with “hardscape” (non-growing things) to give you great joy and a beautiful place to linger outdoors.  Also, we know how to design a garden with native and well-adapted low water plants; how to attract birds and butterflies and bees to your garden; how to create a habitat awash with color and abuzz with sounds of insects and birds; how to design a productive vegetable garden; which herbs work wonderfully as landscape plants virtually immune to munching mammals.

In addition, we know how to design the perfect patio space for you, depending on how you wish to use it! What’s more, we know how to simplify the volumes of information and disinformation out there, distinguishing science-based knowledge from myth. Bottom line, we know how to be of service and to communicate our passion and knowledge to you.

The AZ Garden Gals design landscapes, consult with you on the “what, where and how” of garden design; advise you about best gardening practices and the most reliable, hardy plants.  We will venture to the nursery with you to help in the selection of appropriate and healthy plant materials.  We refer installers and maintenance professionals to you and assure that you are satisfied, if not thrilled, with their work.

Our goal is to make your garden become what you wish it to be!  Our promise is to do that with verdant hearts, friendliness, and immense smiles!  AZ Garden Gals Design and Advise about Gardens!